Cameroon Journal of Studies in the Commonwealth

A Multidisciplinary Peer reviewed Journal dedicated to Scientific Research within the Commonwealth


The Cameroon Journal of Studies in the Commonwealth (CJSC) is a multi/inter disciplinary journal. It was launched in 2011. It primarily focuses on academic research and scholarly activities at Universities and institutions of higher education in Cameroon. However, it also engages with wider circles of academic activities in Cameroon, other countries of the Commonwealth and beyond.

The online version of the journal at the website is free to access and the editors hope that the scholarly interaction thus facilitated will enrich communities of academic practice in Cameroon and elsewhere. The journal accepts articles in both English and French, and it is hoped that this bilingual approach will help to integrate scholarship available in the two main languages used in academia in Cameroon.



Professor Kizitus Mpoche
Dr Balasubramanyam Chandramohan